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COUPLES THERAPY - (Providing couples therapy Kent)

When your relationship is struggling and you are both in conflict you may feel that you have tried everything already or "what good is talking to a stranger going to do?"

"why would I spend money to sit and have the same arguments in front of somebody else?"

You may not be at this stage yet but feel things are slipping and want to take action before you get to this. Often a couple will wait until they are in crisis until they come and see counselling as the last resort. If as a couple you can spot when things are beginning to go wrong this could be the ideal time to consider couple counselling.

In couples therapy I can support you and your partner to identify and work through your past issues and conflicts. I will hep you find new healthier ways to communicate so you don't keep going over the same old ground. Together we will find a common language and build up trust so we can tackle any current issues and break any old unhelpful habits that you may have fallen into to. We will look at the relationship you want or how to get back the relationship you once had.

Couple Therapy Kent

Couples Therapy appointments are at my Bexley counselling Clinic and are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.

Sessions are for 50 minutes and are £55

Please contact me to arrange an appointment.

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